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Indigo Essence Combination Bottles

Essences are a form of energy healing. Energy healing simply means using the energy of something to help you heal. We all do this unconsciously. For example, have you ever noticed yourself drawn to ‘good vibrations’ when you feel upset, like your favourite dog or your favourite place? These calming energies can help us rebalance ourselves and feel centred again.

Choosing essences is a similar, more powerful, way to bring peace, positivity & balance back into your life again.

This is what one mum had to say about our essence Sleep Easy “I have broken a pattern with my lovely girl who at 9 years still couldn't go to bed alone. .........Read the rest of the story here
I'm just writing to let you know how fantastic the Combination Essences have been in my life!... my own 6 year old daughter has blossomed..... testimonials
If you are new to essences you can read a bit more about them here
Otherwise start browsing the different ranges till you find ones that sound like they match your situation. We advise adults to allow children to choose their own essences because children know what's going on with them better than adults do.
Combinations for Kids is a good place to start.

If you're still not sure what to do Ann Callaghan, who made the essences, is available for distance consultations, you'll find information & prices here
The Indigo Children Ten Years Later
Ann is one of the featured writers in Lee Carroll's book on Indigo Children
Today's children are “systems busters” - their job on the planet is to change the old, fear based, rigid systems so that we can all move on to live in a more loving, peaceful and accepting world. You may find that your children won't do the things that we did as children, like behave, sit still and keep quiet, unless they have a good reason. This change is causing problems for parents and teachers and until new models of education and parenting are developed, we are all going to experience quite a lot of turbulence.

Our Combinations for Kids Essences can be very useful when you feel that you've reached an impasse with your children and can't see a way forward. They will help you all keep things in perspective and keep lines of communication open so that you can all find a way to move on.

Essences like the Chrystal Series can also help your sensitive child stay grounded and calm in difficult situations like visits to the shopping mall.
Read more about New Children here

for when you're feel rattly and shaky and can't settle down
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This range of essences is about adjusting to sensitivity. Lots of children and adults are finding that they are more sensitive than they used to be. Try Bubble - this essence helps very sensitive people to feel centered in difficult environments, where they might otherwise feel spacy and ungrounded.
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10 essences to help us let go of the old baggage we've been carrying for lifetimes. These essences will help us stay balanced and fairly sane as make the leap from old to new ways of being. The set includes Diamond Light an essence which inspires us by giving us a feeling of what life without fear feels like.
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