Candles and Melts

We're Different !

Barbara wanted to create a range of candles that would calm frazzled nerves, throw an energetic duvet over you and send you off to sleep  .... and here they are....

'This one is divine, filled the bathroom and hse with the most amazing scent. In love ? can i order 2 please'  K.R. Ireland

'I used the melts (Soothe) earlier on in my pottery burner, absolutely loved it, gorgeous delicate scent, I found it very soothing, reminded me of being a child and being comfortable 😊 '  JZ, Ireland

Our candles combine the healing qualities of 100% organic essential oils and Indigo Essences to provide a unique experience.  

Every time the candle is lit, the energy of the essence is activated and fills your space not only with beautiful scent but also with the calming energies of the essence.


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