Bespoke Essence Mix Consultation

Bespoke Essence Mix Consultation

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For Adults .......

Feeling overwhelmed ?  At a crossroads ?  Looking for some clarity ?  Wondering about new body symptoms such as dizziness, energy surges or increasing telepathy ?

We're all going through tremendous change at the moment, both on a micro and macro level. The constant need to adapt to change is very stressful and can feel overwhelming and exhausting.

A bespoke essence mix can help you deal with the daily fluctuations in energy and help you stay balanced and stabilised as we go through this challenging time.

After a short chat, Ann will choose an essence mix from the more than 80 essences in the Indigo range which best match your current situation.

A mix is a very economical way of getting exactly the essences you need without having to pay full price for each one.  Most mixes contain up to 10 essences which, bought individually, would cost €132.00

Price includes your 15ml bespoke essence mix and VAT at 21%

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For Children .......

“I wanted to get another bottle of  *******’s remedy made up for her.  We are running low and don’t want to be without it.  It has been great and she has been much more herself and less overwhelmed.”


Many children are not coping with the stresses of daily life.  The energetic environment of WiFi and computers combined with the pressures we all put on ourselves and the constant energetic changes can cause children to feel very uncomfortable and unstable.

Ann will chat with you and your child and discuss ways in which your child can be supported.

An individualised essence mix is then chosen which acts like a sort of energetic scaffolding, helping the child to regain balance and stability, both emotionally and physically.

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The 1/2 hour consultation takes place via Phone or Zoom.  Time and date are arranged via email.

If needed, the essence mix can be re-ordered via the Repeat Essence Mixture page.

Ann graduated as a classical homeopath almost 30 years ago and has been working with adults and children ever since either as a homeopath or since the early 2000's as an essence therapist

Price includes your 15ml bespoke essence mix and VAT at 21%

Postage will be added at checkout.