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We're different !

100% Organic essential oils + Indigo Essences

To Cocoon yourself in feminine energy and self-care 

Ingredients & their properties

Geranium Oil can balance hormones, relieve stress and raise the spirits

Indigo Bubble of Love Essence helps hold the energy of love around you. 

Melts are the same mix as a candle but come in small, meltable shapes. They're really easy to use and last a long time. Simply break off a square place in an electric warmer or oil burner to gently melt the wax. Please note for safety sake,  there should be a gap of 6 cm between the flame and bowl of burner.
When the scent has evaporated, allow to cool and then break wax to remove.

Hand poured in Co Wexford, Ireland.
Weight 100gr

Oil burner not included