Settle Melts

Settle Melts

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We're different !

100% Organic oils + Indigo Essences

This melt combines the qualities of Organic French Lavender Essential Oil and Settle Essence to provide a unique aromatherapeutic experience.

We've had some great feedback about the Settle Candle.  One woman said that they’d moved house and she had a huge dog, a Great Dane, who never settled into the new house. He wouldn’t lie down, was very upset and was always on the move. She came and got a Settle candle from us and brought it home and lit it. She said as soon as she lit the candle, the dog just lay down.

Ingredients & their properties

French Lavender Oil can relieve stress, insomnia and restlessness

Indigo Essence Settle is a very good all round essence to help everybody to calm down and get grounded

Melts are the same mix as a candle but come in small, meltable shapes. They're really easy to use and last a long time. Simply break off a square place in an electric warmer or oil burner to gently melt the wax. Please note for safety sake,  there should be a gap of 6 cm between the flame and bowl of burner. .
When the scent has evaporated, allow to cool and then break wax to remove.

Hand poured in Co Wexford, Ireland.
Weight 100gr

Oil burner not included