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Bespoke Essence Mixes


Are you a Sensitive, someone who finds it hard to be in this world?

Do you feel overwhelmed ?  At a crossroads ?  Looking for some clarity ? Wondering about new body symptoms such as dizziness, energy surges or increasing telepathy ? or just feeling totally wiped out and overwhelmed ?

A bespoke essence mix can help you deal with the daily fluctuations in energy and help you stay balanced and stabilised as we go through this challenging time.


Hi I'm Ann, producer of Indigo Essences.

This is a pic of me with dreadful hair after teaching 5 days of workshops in Tokyo. I know life isn't all picture perfect, we're humans going through an intense experience and it gets messy ... there are days when you cry and days when you laugh and I've had lots of both.

I know that taking Indigo essences has really helped me when things have been rough.

If you'd like my support while we go through this chaos, there are a couple of ways to do that.

A single Bespoke Essence Mix where we have a short talk about what's going on and I choose an essence mix for you from across the whole Indigo range of 90+ essences, some of which aren't publicly available yet.

A Series of Three Bespoke Essence Mixesthis is a good one to choose when you're going through a transition for instance leaving a job, a relationship or some other major life change.

A One Hour Consultation - this is really useful if you need more time to talk through what's going on for you.  Along with choosing an essence mix, I may also advise other processes to support you, for instance Feng Shui to activate and clear areas in your life where energy is stuck or inner child work to clear up childhood wounding.

"Just a quick thank you for my combination essence and to let you know that I'm feeling so much better, such a beautiful magical bottle of wonderful ness" T.D.

"I wanted to get another bottle of  *******’s remedy made up for her.  We are running low and don’t want to be without it.  It has been great and she has been much more herself and less overwhelmed.”  J.L.

Ann graduated as a classical homeopath 30 years ago and has been working with adults and children ever since either as a homeopath or since the early 2000's as an essence therapist.  She teaches internationally and often speaks at International Conferences on essences.




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