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2024   Next Workshop  West Yorkshire, UK

Essences for uncertain times
Ann Callaghan
Producer Indigo Essences

With levels of anxiety an all time high, this two day workshop will look at tools we have available to us to help ourselves, our clients and our families regain and maintain stability while this turbulence plays out both in our own lives and on the global stage.

Ann will focus on the following :

Essences to help us feel safe
Essences and processes to help us stay present and let go of fear
Essences to help us deal with frequency disruption such as 5G etc.


The Survival Series, a set of 6 Combination essences to help us when we feel overwhelmed and unable to deal with the 3d world.

And introducing the new Trailblazer Support Series, a set of 4 Combination essences designed in collaboration with two therapists, to help those at the forefront of change manage their energy, disentangle from old energies and timelines and allow change in their lives.

Both days will include time to feel the energy of the essences and participants can make their own personal Stabilisation bottle to take home with them.

When :    June 8 and 9 2024

Where :  Thorpe Audlin, West Yorkshire

Time :  10am - 4pm

Cost :  £175

Food :  bring food to share, tea and biscuits will be provided

Ann graduated as a homeopath over 30 years ago and has been working with adults and children ever since either as a homeopath or since the early 2000's as an essence therapist.  She teaches internationally and often speaks at International Conferences on essences.