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Indigo Essences

helping sensitives feel safe

Essences are

a form of vibrational healing which simply means using the vibration of something to help yourself heal.

Essences can help

if you're feeling unbalanced, not your best self, having a really bad day, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, going through a big life change ....and lots of other situations as well

Which essence to choose ?

If you're new to essences knowing where to start can be confusing.

I suggest feeling into what you'd like help with and then type that into the search bar eg. fear, overwhelm etc.

Also read About Essences

Or book a consultation with Ann, who can make up a mix tailored to your specific needs


Essences can be a great addition to your skill set and as a therapist, you'll get a 20% discount off our regular prices.

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this weeks recommendations

Integrate & Ground


A combination essence to restore equilibrium 

Right now we're encountering a number of energies that can easily take us off balance.

Integrate & Ground is my go to combination when I need to re-balance, it works in seconds.

Read more about it here

The Survival Series


In this time of rapid transformation it can feel like we're walking between two worlds.

On the one hand, we're experiencing expanded consciousness and sensitivity.

On the other hand, this expanded consciousness makes it difficult to deal with the chaos around us.  And it's still necessary to function in the world, do practical things such as paying the bills, shopping, driving cars etc.
The Survival Series will help us function on a day to day basis until this turbulent transition is over.


An energetic duvet for days when you feel raw and you want to crawl in a cave and stay there because the energy outside is a bit too rough.

Taking Smoothie essence has the effect of throwing an energetic duvet over yourself which forms a buffer zone between you and the outside world.

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Your "SHINE" is my best essence now. It feels light but acts deeply. It is amazing. I really appreciate you inventing it. 

Akiko Okunuki

On meditating with True Colours

"I have a sense that this was a cleaning of all those deeply, deeply
buried pains and hurts from childhood disappointments relating to my birth family.  It’s all about love or the lack and the resonance of that
lack when we are still so young and deeply connected to our souls and
knowing that love is all there is, that disbelief and shock that it is
nowhere to be seen."


'Indigo Essences have opened my heart and conscious awareness to a world that I always subconsciously knew I belonged to. When working with Indigo Essences, I enjoy a sense of nurturing and supportive comfort
that I don’t usually come across in my ‘everyday’ life. ‘