UK Customers ... It's safe to order without attracting extra charges. Click on this link to find out more

It's safe to order without attracting extra charges

Attention our long suffering UK customers

We realise there are lots of questions about extra charges post Brexit. Hopefully this page will ease your worries.

Will I have to pay extra when my order arrives ?

No.  We have included the UK VAT of 20% in the price of your essences which means that you're not liable for any extra charges when your order arrives with you.  We pay the 20% direct to UK HMRC on your behalf.

Can I place a big order ?

Yes, we love big orders :)   We break orders down into several packages so that they come in under £135 and no extra customs charges are due.  If you place a really big order, we will send via UPS and cover all fees ourselves.

Why is there only a tracked postage option ?

The post now has to go through UK customs and occasionally there's a delay. With a tracked option we can tell you exactly where the package is.