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Use essences when you find yourself or your children stuck in a pattern of thinking or behaviour that isn't comfortable. For example, when you often find yourself getting angry, fearful or stressed, an essence can help you center yourself and feel calm and peaceful again.

Parents find essences very useful for their children when there's some change or crisis in the household eg. separation, divorce, bereavement, starting school or change of school, moving house or new baby etc.

Essences are best chosen intuitively. Look over the names and photos and go for the ones that jump out at you. Children do this very well where as adults sometimes need to ask someone to choose for them

It depends on what's going on.  If you are going through a particularly hard time, it may be necessary to take a few essences at the same time to help yourself stay balanced.


Essences are usually sold in a concentrated form which is a mixture of water and vodka. If you, or any one who is going to take the essences, have a problem with alcohol you can either use the essences in a spray form, apply them topically mixed in a cream or contact us to ask for an essence without preservative.  If you order a combination essence you will have the option of ordering with or without preservative online.

Here are some examples of what you can do with them:

You can either:
    • put one or more drops of each essence in a glass of water or a drink and sip as often as you feel like it.
    • put a few drops of your chosen essence(s) in a plain cream and rub on your body
    • put a few drops in a plant mister or atomiser and spray around you and your room.
    • or just hold the bottle for a while until you feel better or sleep with the bottle under your pillow.

Usually before you take an essence you feel uneasy & uncomfortable in yourself.

When a selection of essences is working you will usually begin to feel a calm feeling, even though you may still be upset. You might feel tired and sleep a bit more than usual. You might get a very clear picture of what is going on in your life, a sudden realisation of what is really bothering you. All these responses are signs that your energy body is coming back into balance and a healing response is taking place. 

As soon as you feel better you will stop wanting to take the essences. Essences are not addictive, they are safe to use and you yourself will know exactly when to stop.

Essences are a form of vibrational healing.  Vibrational healing simply means using the vibration or energy pattern of something to help you heal.  We all do this unconsciously.  For example, have you ever noticed yourself drawn to 'good vibrations' when you feel upset ?   The good vibrations could be from your dog or a favourite place. These calming vibrations can help us rebalance ourselves and feel centred again.  Choosing essences is a similar, more conscious, way of bringing balance back into our lives.

the energy pattern of whichever mineral or plant the essence is made with held in a solution of water and vodka.


Indigo Essences are made by placing a rock or plant by water for a period of time, usually 24 hours.  During this time the water picks up and holds or mimics the energy pattern of the substance.  For more information on the ability of water to pick up and hold energy patterns check out the work of Dr Masaru Emoto
When the energised water is ready it is preserved with an equal quantity of vodka.
To make the 15ml concentrate bottles which we sell on this website, the original (mother) bottle is further diluted and 3 drops of the second dilution are added to a solution of water and vodka.  
If you are sensitive to alcohol or would simply prefer not to use it, then when you place your order you can make a request that your essences be made up in water only.  The Pink Series have no preservative in them at all.



Essences in general are very safe to use and do not cause adverse side effects.  However, the information offered on this web site in no way excludes the necessity of a diagnosis from a health care professional. 

Indigo Essences contain energy patterns held in water with vodka as a preservative.  We prefer that you use the essences topically as per the suggestions above but you can also use the essences as you would any other, i.e.. by putting a drop or drops in a drink of water. The active content of the essences is simply an energy pattern and is therefore unlikely to cause side effects in the recognised sense of the term.  

However, as the essences bring your energy body into balance, you may experience some changes in your energy levels.  This is especially true if you've been exhausted and need to sleep.  You may also experience transient mood changes as you begin to release blocked emotions.


Essences work very well alongside any number of therapies.

If you are currently consulting a health care professional, do tell them about the essences before you use them so that they can adjust their work with you accordingly.