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The Bowl Method - a simple way to use essences to balance the whole house

Having a young family in todays pressurized world is no picnic. It's really common for stresses to build up un-noticed until suddenly the whole house is on edge.

Here is a practical example of how you can use your box of Indigo Essences Combinations to defuse a tense situation at home.

So let's suppose that your family is having a moment ‘. Breathe. Take a step back from the situation. Realize what is happening. Know that you can change things for the better.

Open your box of essences.

Choose some for yourself first using your intuition, not your head. Put some drops in a glass of water and take frequent sips till you feel yourself becoming calmer.

Now that you are calmer ask the children and anyone else who lives in the house to come and help you make a mix that's going to help everyone. Children love to be involved in their own healing process and ofen provide extraordinary insight into what is going on and why.

Give everyone a chance to say a few words about how they are feeling - no blame.

Let the children choose  - you will be amazed by their choices. Often the children pick essences that are a perfect match for the state the adults are in.

Choose drops of each essence selected and put the drops in a bowl of water.

As the essences work to bring the energies of your family and house into balance, you can let go of the things that were bothering you more easily. Energetically, you feel supported and centered. You can be present, calm and relaxed in the now moment, a place where fear and tension hardly ever exist.

When the essences have done their job be sure to empty the bowl of water because it will have collected a lot of the unbalanced energy that was around.

Finally, remind yourself to do the process next time before the tension builds up to explosive levels.