3d Interface

3d Interface

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For times when you need to concentrate and get focused in 3d reality. Examples of this could be when you need to drive a car and focus on the road or when you need to fill out forms or engage with bureaucracy.

3d Interface is also very useful for children, many of whom are finding the current energies difficult to deal with.  The essence can help them focus and feel more comfortable in their physical body.

3d Interface contains a mix of the following essences, click on the names to find out more : Confidence, The Works, Sunflower Live & Let Live Smoothie, Safe, Pop, Ready, Integrate & GroundHematite Shungite (not sold as single essence)

in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle of distilled water and vodka (ABV 20%).  

This is stock strength and should be diluted before use.

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