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For children who

take work too seriously
get very stressed by responsibility
take on too much responsibility
put excessive pressure on self to succeed

Pl-urk is a combination of two words, Play and Work. Learning should be fun and school shouldnt be all serious and heavy.

Most often this essence is used by teenagers who feel pressurized by the school system. They suddenly realize they have exams to do and that they have to do well as their results in these exams will shape their future.

The anxiety behind excessive studying is a fear of what is going to happen them if they dont do well. As a society we have placed far too much emphasis on academic achieve- ment to the detriment of health and happiness.

Many of todays children dont learn in the way that we did - they are conceptual rather than linear thinkers and find it hard to thrive in an old fashioned school system. If your child is having learning problems do look around to see if there is another method of edu- cation that would suit them better.

A lot of children put immense pressure on themselves to do well, and start studying exces- sively. They stop going out with their friends, they stop exercising and going out in the fresh air and become very unbalanced and unhealthy.

Plurk is about bringing a healthy balance of play and work back into your life and is very useful for adults who feel they are bogged down in work.

Plurk contains the following essences:

Calcite - to help the child remember their dream
-gem-silica - to help the child express themselves from their heart

Lepidolite - to help the child take pressure off themselves
- to help the child feel protected and set healthy boundaries
Ruby kyanite
2 - to help the child connect to their yin energy, the energy of being

Love - to help the child keep their heart open
1 - to help the child stay balanced as they let go of old patterns
3 - to help the child access information in a new way
4 - to help the child express themselves
5 - braveheart, to help the child to go on
6 - to help the child connect to their feelings rather than their mental body


Distilled water, vodka, the essences listed above  (Abv.20%) in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.