True Colours

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  1. Dioptase - a deep heart healer
    Rose Quartz - the energy of unconditional love
    Azurite - opens the back of the heart to allow love in
    Hiddenite - wakes up the heart centre, encourages us to accept support
    and the energy pattern (but not the actual homeopathic remedy) of Lac Maternum (mother’s milk) Placenta (nourishment from the mother)

    Folliculinum (a remedy to counteract the confusing effects of synthetic hormones which are now widespread in water)

    True Colours is a deeply nourishing essence that fills us with mother energy.

  2. Before we can move on out of the dualistic picture of the old paradigm, we have to bring balance to male/female energies.
    For men and women, this essence will fill any voids left by lack of maternal love which leads to lack of acceptance of self and thereby attempts to fit in to society by changing who we are.

    True Colours will help us find our own truth, give us the courage to speak it and live it and by so doing, give others the courage to do the same.