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Pinks Series - anchoring the energy of home

The Pinks are a range of 13 frequencies whose energies come from a dimension where love is the pervasive feeling.

The series includes 

  • essences that help us connect with our own personal healing energy. Focusing on our own multidimensional healing abilities will help us stay aligned with the fast moving energies of the shift. 

  • essences to help us clear up any left over programmes, such as the connections and contracts we made with people which remain incomplete and therefore keep us energetically tied to the old paradigm. 

  • essences to help us really love all parts of ourselves whilst letting go of our old, outdated understanding of what self love is about. 

  • essences to help awaken the potentials in our DNA 

  • an essence called Jump which gives us the nudge we need to let go of the old and move on with our new mission in life.

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