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Would you like some support ?

I'm Ann, producer of Indigo Essences.

This is a pic of me with dreadful hair after teaching 5 days of workshops in Tokyo. I know life isn't all picture perfect, we're humans going through an intense experience and it gets messy ... there are days when you cry and days when you laugh and I've had lots of both.

I know that taking Indigo essences has really helped me when things have been rough.

Essences can help you be the best version of you, they can help to stabilise your energy on days when the energy is shifting, they can help to lock in changes that you're making.

If you'd like my support while we go through this chaos, there are a couple of ways to do that.

A single Bespoke Essence Mix where we talk about what's going on and I choose an essence mix for you from across the whole Indigo range of 90+ essences

Three Bespoke Essence Mixes


Ann having a bad hair day