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Combinations Boxed Set - a first aid kit for feelings

Combinations Boxed Set - a first aid kit for feelings

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'now I know there is something to help with anything that happens to us'

.... said a little girl as she looked at her box of Combinations

The Combinations set contains essences such as Chill to help with stuck anger,  Invisible Friend to help with feeling lonely and scared,  No Fear for when you feel wobbly in your tummy and The Works when you need the lot.

The Boxed Set contains all 12 Combinations in a sturdy white box.  

The advantages of buying a set are that you have access to the full set when you need them and you can make up bespoke mixes for yourself and your family.

Please note the following :

  • There are TWO OPTIONS for this set of essences, one with preservative (alcohol)  and one without. 
  • The essences preserved WITH ALCOHOL are stock strength, this means they are designed to be further diluted, i.e. 3 drops from the stock bottle can be added to a 100ml bottle of water or a drink.
  • The essences bottled in DISTILLED WATER only should last several years if treated carefully. We have essences here that were bottled in water over ten years ago and they're still fine. Store your essences in a cool, dark place. Never touch the pipette and absolutely never drop the essences into the mouth directly from the pipette,  instead add drops from the bottle to a glass or small bottle of water and sip as required. Please use your common sense and stop taking the essence if you notice the water has got lumps in it.