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For children who are:


When were hurt there is often a tendency to close the heart and lock in the sadness. It's very important for children to be able to keep the heart open when they're moving through sadness and disappointments.

Love essence is particularly useful when children feel their friends arent paying them any attention, or that their friends have changed allegiance and suddenly the child feels left out and all alone.

Sometimes when a second child comes along, the child feels that the parents dont love them anymore because theyre not the only one. The Love essence will help the child to move through the feelings that come up for them and come back into balance.

Love essence is also very useful for adults doing Inner Child work.  The Love essence helps us to keep the heart open as we to reveal and heal our core wounds, making it easier to move through them.

This essence was made by 3 children.  They wanted to send some of the love they feel in their lives to all the children in the world who need it.

Please note the following :

  • There are TWO OPTIONS for this essence, one with preservative (alcohol)  and one without. 
  • The essences preserved WITH ALCOHOL are stock strength, this means they are designed to be further diluted, i.e. 3 drops from the stock bottle can be added to a 100ml bottle of water or a drink.
  • The essences bottled in DISTILLED WATER only should last several years if treated carefully. We have essences here that were bottled in water over ten years ago and they're still fine. Store your essences in a cool, dark place. Never touch the pipette and absolutely never drop the essences into the mouth directly from the pipette,  instead add drops from the bottle to a glass or small bottle of water and sip as required. Please use your common sense and stop taking the essence if you notice the water has got lumps in it.


Option with preservative:

Distilled water, vodka (Abv.20%) and channeled energy in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.

Option without preservative :

Distilled water and channeled energy in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.

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