The Works

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The works is for the child who feels lost, who keeps saying what am I doing here, I want to go home’. 

The works can be used in an emergency, like a rescue remedy, it will help to balance and stabilize the energy body and will show you which essences are needed next. The works can be particularly useful for the older teenager who feels like flipping out and even doing damage to him/her self or others.

We wanted an essence for a situation where you dont know exactly whats wrong, you cant put your finger on it and actually, this turned out to be a kind of existential rescue. What were finding more and more with these new kids is that a lot of them are getting into deep states of depression and unfortunately the suicidal rate in children and in teenagers is rising all the time.

This essence is for that time when a child is closing off, a time that is very scary for parents because they cant communicate - there is no fighting anymore, no arguments but the child is getting more and more distant and the parent doesnt know what to do - they dont know how to communicate, they cant get a response.

This is a great essence for that time. Spray it around the house or put some into the bowl so the whole house gets this essence. What it seems to do is to help you realize what it is you need to do next.

If a child is shut down, when they take this essence an outburst of anger and rage may fol- low. It is important that you and your child work through this anger together so that you can find out what is really bothering them and work together to make things better.

The Works contains essences of:

Azurite - to help the child get energy flowing again
- to help the child remember their dream
- to help the child find a way through their fears Chrysocolla-gem-silica - to help the child speak from the heart Fluorite - to help the child change old patterns

Hematite - to help the child ground and feel protected
- to help the child balance
- to help the child focus
Hiddenite kunzite
- to help the child ground and feel joyful again Lepidolite - to help take pressure off the child

Pyrite - to help the child know what is real and what is not Selenite - to help the child so4en up and let go of blockages Sugulite - to help the child feel safe
8 - to help the child stay in the present

Please note this essence is not a replacement for qualified professional help


Distilled water, vodka, essences listed above  (Abv.20%) in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.