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One of THOSE days

One of THOSE days

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For times when you feel very dizzy and sick, this combination will help you to ground and feel steadier in your physical body.

We're being bombarded with high frequency energies which can be difficult to integrate.  If you feel dizzy and sick, take some of this essence, drink lots of water and take some time out for yourself to help you process what’s going on.  Also, if at all possible,  take your shoes off and stand on grass to ground yourself.

One of THOSE days contains a mix of the following essences, click on the names to find out more : The Works, Sunflower I'm in Heaven Live & Let Live Pink No 9 Steady Hematite Shungite (not sold as single essence)

in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle of distilled water and vodka (ABV 20%).  

This is stock strength and should be diluted before use.

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