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Spring Sale


40% discount on all essences ending  Wednesday 18th April 2018

We're going to have to put our prices up soon so now is a good time to stock up on your favourite essences and try out some new ones as well.

Meanwhile, it's 2018 and it feels like we're still in a very muddy energetic puddle.  On the one hand we're witnessing attempts to start another world war. On the other, we're dealing with very strange, disorientating symptoms like ringing in the ears, dizziness and feelings of being in some other dimension.  

Quite a mess huh. And we still get up every day and attempt to do 'normal'.

So what to do ...

Turn off the news, get out in nature and connect with something real. Look at a blue sky though a cherry blossom tree.  Or smell a Daffodil. Or walk in your favourite forrest.


And of course,  take essences whenever you feel off balance, overwhelmed or consumed by anxiety.


Here are some of my current favourites :

software Software to filter out the feelings of anxiety that others are projecting

The WorksThe Works as a general rescue on days when the energy is really intense

 SafeSafe to provide an energetic duvet for days when you feel wobbly

PoppyDeep Magenta Opium Poppy for days when the fear gets to you

 Pink 1Pink 1 for days when you feel scattered and all over the place


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